What you can do to give the Inez Milholland centennial campaign a boost!

The Inez Milholland Centennial supports the recognition of this beloved suffragist on the centennial of her death. We’re also encouraging communities nationwide to honor and celebrate their own state and local suffrage activists.

Please consider supporting this effort by becoming a Partner. At the website, you can alsoLink: http://www.inezmilhollandcentennial.com/partners.html

Sign the digital petition to support the awarding of Inez Milholland with the presidential citizens medal by U.S. President Obama. Sign online. Link: https://www.change.org/p/help-honor-an-american-hero

Subscribe to the free newsletter. Link: http://suffragecentennials.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=3f85172672724260e2b970554&id=0145b09eeb

Gather information to organize an event. Link: http://www.inezmilhollandcentennial.com/inez.html

Order buttons and other resources. Link: http://www.inezmilhollandcentennial.com/resources.html

Help spread the word about Inez Milholland and other American suffragists this election year.

Plan something for March 2016 and throughout the year. Inez is one of the women the NWHP has chosen as 2016 Honorees. Visit our Inez Milholland Centennial web store page. Link: https://shop.nwhp.org/inez-milholland-centennial-c279.aspx

Learn more at InezMilhollandCentennial.com.Link: http://www.inezmilhollandcentennial.com/index.html

This exciting new project is described in more detail in the News Release. Link: http://www.inezmilhollandcentennial.com/index.html

Use the press release as a resource. Send it to your local and regional media outlets with information about your programs. Spread the word!

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