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The publisher has issued a 40% discount on “Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement,” from $85.00 to $49.95. This is to encourage increased sales and wider circulation during upcoming suffrage centennial observances. Learn about what women went through to win the right to vote.

“Winning the Vote” by Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr., was named one of the Five Best Books on the subject by The Wall Street Journal. An elegant clothbound book with dust jacket and gold silk bookmark, it contains 496 oversize pages and over 960 photographs and color illustrations. There is an extensive index and bibliography.

There work shows generations of women taking political action in the great movement for women’s civil rights. The book includes leaflets, posters and buttons suffragists produced themselves during their many state campaigns. Over 75 suffragists – women and men, white and black, easterners and westerners – are profiled and significant actions are pictured and described in detail.

2016 is the centennial of the founding of the Woman’s Party by Alice Paul, The Golden Lane demonstration at the Democratic convention in St. Louis, and the death of suffragist Inez Milholland. Many more anniversaries lie ahead.

ORDER TODAY Formerly $85.00 NOW $49.95

Order from the web store or call (707) 636-2888.

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Receive an additional 40% discount on orders of 4 or more.

Raise money for your organization or donate copies to local libraries. Order now while copies remain. American Graphic Press email:

Here’s how readers have described “Winning the Vote”: “Fantastic” – Prof. Ellen Carol Du Bois, American suffrage specialist; “An excellent account” – Dr. Diane Atkinson, British suffrage specialist; “A wonderful chronicle” – Ken Burns, film maker; “A feast for the eyes” – Santa Cruz Sentinel; “A prized addition” – Bookviews; “Amazing” – Gene Sharp, author of The Politics of Nonviolent Action; “A visually rich collection” – Library Journal, “Splendid” – School Library Journal; “Beautiful” – Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair editor; “Balanced” – Iowa Historical Society; “Comprehensive” – Midwest Book Review, “Absolutely wonderful” – Howard Zinn, historian; “Lively and dramatic . . . it tells our story.” – Michigan Women’s Forum.

Order at this special discount today:

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