Special Inez Milholland program!


During October 2016, Linda Allen be on tour and presenting a program Remember Inez Milholland and VOTE!   that will include live and original music about women’s struggle, followed by the 15- minute DVD:  Inez Milholland: Forward Into Light produced by Martha Wheelock.  The fee is $300 plus travel expenses for the one-hour program.Linda Allen360-920-7533 www.lindasongs.com

News on the Inez Milholland campaign front!

cropped-cropped-inezlogo_slider11.jpgWe have 150 signatures to go on our digital petition to U.S. President Obama in support of him awarding Inez Milholland, America’s suffrage martyr, with a presidential citizens’ award. Have you signed the petition? Do it today!

Also, it’s terrific news that Inez will be listed on the base of the planned Stanton-Anthony statue planned for New York City’s Central Park. Fundraising is underway to fund and build that statue. Find out more.