Word spreading about Inez Milholland citizens medal award!


Check out recent media about Inez Milholland citizens award nomination:

(1.) Article by Sandra Weber in “History News Network”: Link.

(2.) Op-Ed by John Tepper Marlin in “The East Hampton Star”: Link.

(3.) WAMC public radio coverage in Albany, NY: Link.

Plus others.

For more information: InezMilhollandCentennial.com 


The continuing inspiration of Inez Milholland

Author Sandra Weber, author of new book on suffrage movement from McFarland Press (2016), reminds us of how Inez Milholland inspired American women 100 years ago and she continues to inspire today. See article.

Weber draws attention to the 2015 nomination of Milholland for a citizens medal that is part of the Obama administration’s unfinished business in mid January 2017. Weber is the author of “The Woman Suffrage Statue” published in 2016 by McFarland.

Christmas Day 100 years ago in Washington, DC: honoring Inez Milholland!

One hundred years ago on Christmas Day, Washington, DC geared up for a memorial service for Inez Milholland, the nation’s suffrage martyr. Photos are of the procession in the nation’s capitol on December 25, 1916.

John Tepper Marlin, a family relative, reflects on Inez Milholland in a terrific opinion piece from a NYS newspaper. http://www.suffragecentennials.com/?p=14560

Check out the highlights of what happened on Xmas Day 100 years ago. http://www.suffragecentennials.com/?p=14560

Photos are of the Inez Milholland memorial service on Christmas Day 100 years ago.

Follow InezMilhollandCentennial.com to find out if Obama acts on the nomination of Inez for a presidential citizens medal before he leaves office in 2017. InezMilhollandCentennial.com

Highlights of the memorial service for Inez 100 years ago! Audio from Librivox.

Inez Milholland relative speaks out about her place in history!

John Tepper Marlin is no stranger to Inez Milholland. His mother’s uncle was married to Inez, and this isn’t the first time he has spoken up about Inez and her place in American history.

Check out John’s article in a Long Island paper.

ALSO: WAMC public radio featured Inez this week in a special feature. Check it out. Reporter Allison Dunne certainly captured the overview and linked it to the presidential citizens medal under consideration by President Obama. Check it out.

Follow the progress of the Inez Milholland citizens medal at InezMilhollandCentennial.com

VIDEO: Support Santa and Obama about Citizens Medal for Inez Milholland

Santa and the Inez Milholland citizens medal from Obama! on Vimeo.

One hundred years ago on Christmas Day in 1916, the city of Washington, DC was stirring with citizens from around the nation honoring Inez Milholland, America’s suffrage martyr. It is the least we can do today to support President Obama in awarding Inez with the nation’s second highest honor, the presidential citizens medal. In 2016 we witnessed the first time that a woman ran for the nation’s highest office. Although not successful, it is a milestone. A citizens medal for Inez Milholland will recognize the hard work and sacrifices of millions of women over the course of a century. It will give hope to future generations. For more information, visit the Inez centennial web site at InezMilhollandCentennial.com