Inez Milholland book—a last minute holiday gift idea


“Remembering Inez” is a last-minute gift idea. The book of primary documents edited by Robert P.J. Cooney Jr. gives a close and intimate look at why the Inez Milholland citizens book is a solid idea for holiday gift giving as well as many reasons why President Obama should award Inez (1886-1916) with a presidential citizens medal before he leaves office in early 2017.

Visit that describes the book. Also valuable are the resources on the centennial web site:

The time is growing short for us to have a chance to reach Obama about his issue. Thank you to the many people who signed the petition stating their support for the medal. U.S. Rep of California nominated Inez Milholland for the medal in November 2015, so the issue has been seasoned long enough. Inez deserves a citizens medal.

The Inez film by Martha Wheelock is also a great gift idea. Contact her at The film is free and the legacy of Inez Milholland won’t disappear. Cross your fingers. It’s not over until January.

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