Second annual Adirondack Women’s March to honor Inez Milholland!

InezgatheringAt the grave of Inez Milholland in Lewis NY on Saturday, January 20, 2018

Organizers Sandra Weber and David Hodges are planning the 2018 Adirondack Women’s March, a combination of rally, march and community celebration, for Saturday, January 20, 2018. The aim of the event is to show solidarity with women around the world. “We will stand together to protect the civil rights, safety, and health of all people. We call on defenders of human rights to join us at this peaceful, non-partisan event,” say the march organizers.

The event will begin at 11 a.m. at the grave of Inez Milholland at the top of hill in Lewis Cemetery. The program will include a welcome address, poems, songs, and grave ceremony. Attendees are encouraged to bring signs, flags, and/or flowers to lay on Inez’s grave. After the program, the march will commence down the hill to the new Inez Milholland roadside marker (at the corner of Route 9 and Fox Run Road), then up Route 9 to Lewis Veterans’ Park, and back past the Lewis Town Hall to the Lewis Congregational Church parsonage.

At the parsonage, there will be soup, bread, hot drinks, and goodies. A lively program of sing-alongs, memories of 2017, and inspirational thoughts for the future is planned. Also, the Town of Lewis is graciously opening the town hall from 11 2 p.m. so marchers can view the town exhibit about Inez and the Milholland family.

A special highlight of the Adirondack Women’s March 2018 will be two showings of “Forward Into Light,” the short film produced by Martha Wheelock about the life of Inez Milholland. Viewings will take place at 10:30 a.m.(before the march) and at 1 p.m. in the church parsonage. A short Q&A, moderated by Kathy Linker and Sandra Weber, will follow each showing.

Women’s March events are also being held in Glens Falls (at noon) and Plattsburgh (at three o’clock). These events are part of a grassroots movement with numerous local, regional, and state groups participating. Throughout 2017, the Adirondack Women’s March has collaborated with several other grassroots groups on events such as the People’s Climate March, protests at Stefanik’s office, a Planned Parenthood rally, and a Charlottesville discussion.

“We support the advocacy and resistance movements,” said Weber. “While some see the movement as scattered, I believe the multitude of groups with varying and intersecting focuses and strategies makes us stronger and hardier.”

In the Adirondack Women’s March group, members worked diligently throughout the past year, each person contributing time and talents in their own way. Whether writing postcards to legislators, making phone calls, or attending protests, members turned anger and frustration into action.

“So here we are,” said Weber in June 2017. “Bound together — not by sex or race or income or political party. Bound together because we love the United States of America, we believe in democracy, and we support human rights.”
The group’s message echoes the courage and enthusiasm of Inez Milholland. At a memorial for Inez in 1916, speakers praised her advocacy for feminism, for civil rights for blacks, and for humane treatment of inmates. Inez hated inequality. She hated shams and hypocrisy. She loved truth. A friend said, “What Inez showed us was that it is possible to have a glorious time and stand like iron for truth.” The 2018 Women’s March event is free and non-partisan. For more information, visit the Adirondack Women’s March website at or email Sandra Weber at

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