“Jailed for Freedom” by Doris Stevens has accounts of Inez Milholland’s last campaign

“Jailed for Freedom” by Doris Stevens, a 1920 eyewitness account of votes for women agitations! on Vimeo.

“Jailed for Freedom” by Doris Stevens features Inez Milholland’s last campaign in 1916.

There is a growing body of resources about Inez Milholland and the important role she played in suffrage campaigning. Many plays and theatrical performances have brought Inez’s passion and purpose to contemporary audiences. Examples include “Take up the Song,” a play by John Tepper Marlin performed in Vienna, Virginia and elsewhere. “Upon a White Horse” was performed by Darci Tucker and staged at New York City’s Provincetown Playhouse in conjunction with New York University in October 2017. “Inez, The Suffrage Herald” was a musical written and performed by Melissa Jessel with Divergent Elements Theatre Company in New York City as part of the world’s largest solo theatre festival in 2017. Los Angeles performer Amy Walker integrated Inez’s speech to western women into her award-winning show.


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