Inez Milholland is the U.S. suffrage martyr—Let’s write Inez into American history by 2020!

Who is Inez Milholland? You probably never heard of her. Her mission? She devoted herself to winning U.S. women’s right to vote in 1916. Back then, to millions of American women, Inez was a household name. When someone mentioned Inez, women’s eyes teared up. Men loved her too. Inez led suffrage parades in New York City and Washington, DC on a horse. It wasn’t easy standing up for women. They were frightened. Their knees shook. When they marched behind Inez, they sang. They gained courage. Many compared Inez to Joan of Arc.

Even if you haven’t heard about Inez, you can stand behind her now. This web platform is devoted to writing Inez into American history. Follow Inez on this blog. And if you’d like a FREE copy of the above video to show to your friends, relatives, children, school mates, and organizations—it’s free from Martha Wheellock at

Join us in making sure that Inez Milholland is honored in 2020 when U.S. women will have been voting for 100 years.

Follow to find out what other celebrations are set for 2020.

2 thoughts on “Inez Milholland is the U.S. suffrage martyr—Let’s write Inez into American history by 2020!

  1. Joanne Frey May 1, 2018 / 2:37 am

    Hi Marguerite, I am embarrassed to say I never heard of Inez Milholland. Thank you for educating me about her with your powerful professional site. I greatly appreciate your embedded videos. Videos work better for me than reading long passages of text on a computer or mobile device. I have to resort to quoting Howard Zinn, “The very invisibility of women,the overlooking of women, is a sign of their submerged status.” to express my anger about my so-called American History Education. Joanne


  2. Ashia.Mikumari May 2, 2018 / 4:14 am

    Hello Marguerite, I too had not heard of Inez Milholland. What sparked your interest in creating this site? She clearly has inspired so many and very well should be written into our history books. Your site is really interesting. Thank you for sharing such an important woman’s life in our history!


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