Inez Milholland included in national votes for women trail!

NEWS: There was an Inez Milholland march in January this year. Smaller than last year, but respectable nonetheless. Congrats.

National Votes for Women Trail – GoFundMe from NCWHS on Vimeo.

When you visit Lewis, New York you’ll see road markers pointing you to Milholland’s former home and grave. It’s the destination for many travelers and a spot on the growing national Votes for Women Trail that’s raising funds to build a web site directing travelers to important women’s history sites across the nation. This is an important part of the upcoming 2020 votes for women centennial observance in the United States. Give the US suffrage martyr the attention she deserves.

Have you seen the film about Inez? Visit

You’ll find the resources valuable on

Spread the word about this blog, that has been publishing since 2016 when the Women’s History Alliance (formerly the Women’s History Project) devoted a year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Milholland’s death.

Inez Milholland will receive the recognition she deserves in 2020, the US celebration of US women voting for 100 years. Stop by to find out some of the preparation (and anticipation) for 2020.

For media inquiries: is a public service to highlight the US preparation for 2020 when US women will have been voting for 100 years.

Suffrage Wagon News Channel features an important symbol of the first wave of the women’s rights movement in the US. The “Spirit of 1776” suffrage wagon will be on exhibit at the New York State Museum in Albany, New York. Visit the site to find out exhibition information for 2020. Activist Edna Kearns who used the wagon for grassroots organizing in 1913 in NYC and on Long Island knew and worked with Inez Milholland. Marguerite Kearns is the granddaughter of Edna Kearns.

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