Song about Inez Milholland! Plus related tributes to the suffrage activists!

U.S. Women—in the final push for equality! on Vimeo.


“If You Had Seen Inez” is a musical tribute to suffrage martyr Inez Milholland.

To review this and other suffrage related songs, go to There, you can listen to Failure Is Impossible, a collection of traditional suffrage songs, and Here’s to the Women!,  recently composed songs about the early women’s rights movement.  Purchase digital downloads of any of the songs, or hard copies of Here’s to the Women!  If you need .wav files of either collection, email Linda about digital transfer.

Here’s to the Women features a variety of personalities and movers and shakers: On “Emma and May” learn about two very different activists—  “If You Had Seen Inez” is a tribute to Inez Milholland.  In “Night of Terror” there’s the drama of the jailing of activists at Occoquan Workhouse.  “Bubble and Squeak” honors movement cookbooks.  Call 360-920-7533 for more information.

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