Love is at the heart of this story about “An Unfinished Revolution” and my grandparents, Edna and Wilmer Kearns!

My grandmother Edna May Buckman was into roses. She wore them in her hair.

I dragged my Facebook account out of the closet recently and wrote about my grandparents meeting near a water fountain near center city Philadelphia. And before I knew it, I was writing about their falling in love and how roses played an important part. Granddaddy Wilmer couldn’t stop from staring at her, sitting across the table from her at the Market tea house in Philadelphia about 1902. When I heard these stories, starting at age ten, I fell in love with Edna too—especially after Granddaddy continued with his storytelling.

The Scottish poet, Robert Burns, wrote about a red, red rose as a symbol of his love. And don’t you know…I was fascinated with this story. Of course I had a stake in the tale. If Edna and Wilmer hadn’t gotten together, where would I be? Certainly not telling this story that is the heart and soul of a book that I’ve written. My publisher is SUNY Press (State University of New York), and it’s hitting the stands in June of 2021.

An Unfinished Revolution: Edna Buckman Kearns and the Struggle for Women’s Rights.

So, leave it to me to make sure I follow along when remembering my grandfather’s storytelling. And he was a master, having grown up in Central Pennsylvania in a small town—Beavertown—that’s still pretty rural today. And I have relatives there still. Ask anyone on the main street of town. The Kearns family? Sure, they’ve been around for ages.

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And the roses? They are the heart and soul of this tale about how Edna and Wilmer fall in love. And more.

And who am I? Marguerite Kearns, the writer of this story about my family. Stay tuned for more! I’m spreading this tale around.

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