The musical “19” has me listening to some of the songs, online…

Some of the songs from the musical, 19, are great and I can understand the words. I don’t know much about the underlying story, but it’s going along the same track as mine. It took the work of generations of US women to win the right to vote.

The supporters of suffrage agreed on one point. That women should vote. Beyond that, they were people of a different time and context. They ranged all over the map in terms of special interests and the degree of contamination from living in a vertical social and economic hierarchy. That the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution finally came about in 1920 is nothing short of a miracle. And we support the large numbers of Americans who spent years celebrating this accomplishment during 2020.


Throughout most of the 20th century, this large social movement was invisible. Many also called this accomplishment “boring.” I started asking questions of my grandfather at age ten, back when the only history I learned was about men and wars. Women’s history wasn’t taken seriously. Then in the 1980s, my mother and I studied our family history seriously.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have finally completed An Unfinished Revolution, a book about the campaigns for women’s rights through the lens of my family. There it is…my rationale, and the support I’ve been getting so far is heart warming. So check out the musical, 19.

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