Quotes by Pete Seeger and Edna Kearns are about “small things”

“If the human race is still here in 100 years, it will be because of lots of people doing lots of little things. Bigger things can get co-opted or bought off by the powers that be. But if there are many, many little things going on it will be too hard for them to keep up with all of them. I consider myself to be a sower of seeds. Some seeds fall on stones and don’t even sprout, but some seeds fall on fallow ground and multiply a hundredfold.” – Pete Seeger

In the book, An Unfinished Revolution,” I highlighted a selection my grandmother Edna wrote more than 100 years ago about the importance of “small things.” It’s in the beginning of the book, and again at the end. Historian Judith Wellman featured this selection in her book blurb for the edition scheduled for distribution in June of 2021.

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