Thinking about the Chinese New Year when reading Marguerite Kearns’s letter!

Dear Friends,

So much has also changed over the course of a lifetime when I started at age ten to find out more about my suffrage activist grandmother, Edna Kearns. I spent years researching, writing, and dreaming, And then I got a publisher. Whew. That’s when my learning began with the expectations from a university press (SUNY Press, State of New York). A lot more work, plus a better book too.

I realized that what I did is a model for others doing something similar. Asking the question of “Why am I the way I am?” and then spending a lifetime answering the question by collecting evidence. I ended up with the story of how my grandmother’s work impacted four generations in my family.

My web site is:, and the book is scheduled for publication in June of 2021. Not 2020, mind you, the 100th anniversary of US women winning the right to vote, but 2021.

This book is not only for women’s history fans. It’s what we all should be doing. Collecting the basics about our own families.

So—do you, dear friends, have some direction to point me? Suggestions? Advice? I’m sitting here at my computer, day after day, trying to figure it out. So your input would be extremely helpful. I’ve been working on this book, in one way or another, almost all of my life. Not to mention blogging for the past 10 years ( and

When I started, there was little out there written by a suffrage activist descendant like me. This is changing. Now I have to get the news to the right people and venues. Any ideas I’ll follow through on…An answer from you would be deeply appreciated. MargueriteKearns at

Our ongoing campaign to make August 26th—Women’s Equality Day—a national holiday!
The book is available for early ordering. This is one example.

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