Great granddaughter Tara Bloyd inspired by Edna Kearns

Edna and Wilmer Kearns’s great granddaughter, Tara Bloyd, has this to say about how Edna Kearns has impacted her life:

“As a college freshman, I joined with others in marches, a die-in, and more to protest the Gulf War.  We didn’t succeed in stopping the war, of course, but I still felt like I had done what I could and saw the power of joining with like-minded individuals to try to make a difference.  As young parents, my husband and I took our two sons to environmental protests and marches — showing them that we have a responsibility to work for what we believe in and to better the world.  My toddlers became teenagers, and one is now in his twenties, and they know that their actions can make a difference; they can’t just defer to the status quo when it’s unacceptable.  Our Quaker faith supports these beliefs, showing us the importance of direct action to make the world a better place.

“Every time I march, protest, talk with people about a cause one-on-one, donate to goals dear to my heart, or write, and especially when I’m feeling down-hearted, I think of my great-grandmother. Edna Buckman Kearns faced struggles far more severe than mine, and she persisted. She marched, wrote, spoke, went far outside her comfort level, developed skills necessary to get the job done, and saw the results of her actions culminate in a clear and definite victory.  Reading “An Unfinished Revolution” helps me feel  closer to Edna and to the generations of women who worked before, with, and after her on the quest for equal rights.  I’ll never be famous, and Edna wasn’t either — but her nonstop grassroots organizing and work inspired me, and can now inspire other readers also.  The environment is my issue — I want my kids and all kids to have a liveable world — and when I want to give up I think about all the barriers women (and men) faced on the quest for suffrage. The outcome was never guaranteed, and Marguerite’s book shows the struggles Edna and Wilmer faced in their love, parenthood, activism, and more.  If they could keep going, day after day and year after year, so can I.  So can we all.”

One thought on “Great granddaughter Tara Bloyd inspired by Edna Kearns

  1. Jo Sgammato June 7, 2021 / 11:56 pm

    Beautiful tribute!
    I ordered my copy of Marguerite’s book from my local independent bookstore in Greenwich Village New York City. It’s called Three Lives and Company and I’m glad to support it. Looking forward to reading my dear friend Marguerite’s book. Congratulations.


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