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Marguerite Kearns—Photo: Michael Weisbrot

Marguerite Kearns is an award-winning journalist and teacher, whose award-winning writing has contributed to a support base for her upcoming memoir and family history about the activism of her grandparents in the suffrage and peace movements and how their example influenced four generations in her family. 

Marguerite is the granddaughter of women’s rights activists Edna B. Kearns and Wilmer R. Kearns. She grew up in the Philadelphia area learning about her family history, and was a New York State resident for twenty years. She lives in Northern New Mexico.

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And don’t forget Tara Bloyd, the great granddaughter of Edna and Wilmer Kearns. She has been a contributing blog editor,  volunteered as book editor, lent her voice as Bess (Edna’s best friend), and much more. Winnie Culp, the granddaughter of Edna and Wilmer Kearns, has also stepped up to the plate over many years in support of and contributor to the blog, book editing, commentary, and more. Without their contributions, Wilmer Kearns and Wilma Buckman Kearns, the memoir and family history wouldn’t be possible. 

Marguerite Kearns responds to questions about writing the history of her family.

book-cover-3images-1Marguerite Kearns is well known for her advocacy of the Spirit of 1776 suffrage wagon used for organizing by her grandmother, Edna Kearns, that is now in the collection of the New York State Museum in Albany, NY. The wagon will be on permanent exhibit after the state museum’s renovation is completed. The wagon was exhibited at the state museum in 2010, 2012, 2017-2018, and 2020. Image: Courtesy, NYS Museum.

Find out about the history of the Spirit of 1776 suffrage wagon that plays a large part in the book from SUNY Press. Suffrage Wagon News Channel has been publishing since 2009: SuffrageWagon.org

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