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There is Inez at the top left in the first row. You can register to honor Inez by your participation. Find out more and register at The photos and content are from the web site that has been publishing terrific weekly updates on the voting rights activists and their organizations. If you’re not signed up for the weekly blasts, do so. It’s an easy and quick way to stay up to date. has been publishing since 2016.

Special visit to Inez Milholland’s grave site planned in Lewis, New York! PLUS nonviolent training. . .

from the calendar of the Women’s Alliance of NYS.

Lets Rock the Cradle—documenting the road to women’s rights! on Vimeo.

Inez Milholland would have supported nonviolent training. Here’s an opportunity to take advantage of NOW.

Stay up to date with those determined to imagine Inez Milholland, the US suffrage martyr, inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.  Information about Inez Milholland available on, as well as this blog. Details about the 15-minute film on Milholland produced by Wild West Women.

PBS documentary, “The Vote,” plus article in Smithsonian features Inez Milholland!

Don’t forget to watch the PBS documentary, “The Vote,” scheduled for July 6 and 7, 2020 on your local affiliate TV station. The two-part series is also expected to run again in the fall of 2020.

The recent article in the Smithsonian magazine highlights an upcoming book by photographer  Jeanine Michna-Bales who retraced Inez Milholland’s last speaking trip across the country on behalf of women’s rights.

Link to buy the night light.

Join the growing number of people in the US and around the world who know the story of Inez Milholland.

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Inez Milholland featured on web platform

The word about Inez Milholland is getting around. Another web platform featuring the early women’s rights movement has joined the increasing number of individuals and organizations anxious that Milholland’s story reaches more of the US public.

Lets Rock the Cradle—documenting the road to women’s rights! on Vimeo.

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Inez Milholland will have a Presence at the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial in Virginia

Inez Milholland will be featured in many venues during 2020. She will have a presence at the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial that will open on August 26, 2020 in Lorton, Virginia. The planning and fundraising for this new memorial has been underway for years. Contributions  are welcome for this final phase of preparing the location to feature this extraordinary accomplishment of a memorial for votes for women.

If you have news about Inez Milholland, please get in touch with us. Planning is underway across the country to make Inez a featured activist at programs linked to Women’s History Month and during late August. Follow this blog at:

Inez Milholland gave her life for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment


Here it is— 2018 and the ERA still hasn’t been ratified. In 2023, U.S. women will have been struggling for equal rights under the U.S. Constitution for 100 years. Inez Milholland gave her life for the Equal Rights Amendment. When she died, the ERA hadn’t yet been drafted and filed. However, American women had already realized that a federal amendment would be necessary—what eventually became the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

More commentary, by both men and women, is appearing to say that equal rights under the U.S. Constitution is long over due. The United States is eager to point out lags in cultural and social awareness in the rest of the world.

Those of us supporting more awareness of Inez Milholland agree.

What does the ERA provide for? Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the Unites States or by any state on account of sex.

The Equal Rights Amendment has already been ratified by 36 of 38 states. Find out more.

News on the Inez Milholland campaign front!

cropped-cropped-inezlogo_slider11.jpgWe have 150 signatures to go on our digital petition to U.S. President Obama in support of him awarding Inez Milholland, America’s suffrage martyr, with a presidential citizens’ award. Have you signed the petition? Do it today!

Also, it’s terrific news that Inez will be listed on the base of the planned Stanton-Anthony statue planned for New York City’s Central Park. Fundraising is underway to fund and build that statue. Find out more.