They Stood Together—Let’s do the same & support Turning Point Suffragist Memorial!


The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial is planning to bring news of the women’s suffrage movement to the attention of the public. This includes Inez Milholland, the U.S. suffrage martyr and the tens of thousands of American women—known and unknown—who built a base of support for us today.


A quote from Molly Murphy MacGregor


Molly MacGregor quotes
Molly Murphy MacGregor is executive director and co-founder of the National Women’s History Project.


“The life of Inez Milholland was cut short after only 30 years, yet her influence has lasted so long. This speaks to her enormous influence on American life and women’s history. Few suffragists gained her level of popularity and few spoke publicly with such courage and eloquence as Inez.”

Make Inez Milholland a name recognized from coast to coast in 2020!


The day will come when Americans will recognize August 26th as Women’s Equality Day in the United States. And every school child will be familiar with Inez Milholland, the U.S. suffrage martyr.

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Suffrage Wagon News Channel features news of the “Spirit of 1776” suffrage campaign wagon.



Inez Milholland to be included in Turning Point Suffragist Memorial!

Happy August 26th!

Fundraising is underway so that the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial in Lorton, VA will open on August 26, 2020. The clock is ticking. The project is still in the planning stages. The next steps include funding, and that’s where you come in. Let’s get the memorial the much needed funding so that all 19 information stations at the national memorial will open on time in 2020.

As someone interested in Inez Milholland, you’ll be delighted to hear that Inez will be featured in station 8 at the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial where the section on the 1913 suffrage parade will show Inez on her horse Grey Dawn. She is a striking figure, and one that needs more attention— especially during 2020 when US women will have been voting for 100 years.

Do you feel $20 burning a hole in your pocket? There’s a fundraising campaign ongoing to urge supporters like us to pitch in so that the 2020 deadline can be met. Go immediately to the Turning Point web page:

Turning Point will be the only national memorial celebrating the suffrage movement or what’s also known as the first wave of the women’s rights movement in the United States. That’s where all of us come in.

Will you contribute to Turning Point Suffragist Memorial with Inez Milholland in mind? We have. And we’re counting on you!

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Molly Murphy MacGregor says…


Molly MacGregor quotes
Molly Murphy MacGregor is executive director and co-founder of the National Women’s History Alliance.

“Inez Milholland was a woman who was ahead of her times in priorities, occupation, and sense of social justice. She promoted unpopular causes including racial equality, criminal justice and international peace, as well as women’s rights, at a critical time in history. As a young charismatic suffragist, she attracted press attention to the cause, led suffrage parades, and stepped up to chair public meetings and rally other women.”