Get ready for Chinese New Year—February 12th!

Special recipe for the Chinese New Year from our food writer.

What does the Chinese New Year have to do with the voting rights for women? We celebrate as many holidays and observances as we can here on the web site dedicated to the upcoming book by Marguerite Kearns.

Edna Buckman Kearns’s mother, May Begley Buckman, loved cooking, Some of her recipes were from the woman’s suffrage cookbook, a series published by suffrage activists separately as fundraisers and organizing tools. You can search “Feeding America, that has some of these cookbooks in full text.

One highlight of the book, “An Unfinshed Revolution,”

a dinner table drama when Papa Buckman doesn’t come home for dinner when he’s expected. The scene highlights the double standards for men and women, even in a Quaker family where gender equality at home has been undermined by the values of the dominant culture. Edna’s mother, May Begley Buckman, cooks with recipes from women’s suffrage fundraising cookbooks.

Get ready for the Chinese New Year in February. And An Unfinished Revolution addresses food and its importance throughout the memoir and family history from SUNY Press. Wilmer Kearns tells about how Pepperpot Soup healed the wounds of the American Revolution. And dried beef gravy did the same for the Civil War.

Suffrage Wagon Cooking School has been active for more than five years bringing you videos and demonstrations. in January 2021 is featuring Hot Tea Month and the role tea receptions played in the US women’s suffrage movement.

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